What is a dental laser?

A dental laser is a device that creates a narrow beam of light energy. This light energy can be used to modify or remove tissue in the mouth in order to improve and maintain oral health.

Benefits of dental lasers

In some cases, when a dental laser is used, local anesthesia to the affected area may not be necessary for some procedures. Lasers are generally more precise and can reduce healing times associated with certain dental procedures. They are also great at reducing the amount of bacteria present in tissue that is infected and in dental cavities.

Uses of Dental Lasers

Depending on the type of dental laser, it can be used to:

  • remove diseased or inflamed gum tissue in cases of gum or periodontal disease.

  • lessen the effects of cold sores and canker sores.

  • remove soft tissue in order to expose and access partially erupted teeth.

  • aid in biopsy procedures.

  • help treat root canal infections.

  • reshape or contour gum and bone tissue.

  • help with teeth whitening procedures.

  • remove or trim overgrown tissues due to certain medications

How does periodontal laser therapy work?

At the dental clinic, we sometimes use dental lasers in addition to dental hygiene treatment in order to effectively treat periodontal disease. A dental laser is used in order to remove gum tissue that has been inflamed or infected due to periodontal disease.

When the inflamed or infected tissue is removed, it allows access to certain areas of the tooth for a more thorough dental cleaning. Your dental professional will be able to properly clean and access deep areas under the gums, known as periodontal pockets, during your dental hygiene appointment. Once the area has been cleaned of bacteria that is associated with periodontal disease, the healing process can begin.

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