Some patients may experience extreme anxiety or fear while sitting in the dental chair or while thinking about an upcoming dental visit. Dental fear or anxiety can even lead patients to avoiding the dentist altogether. We understand how you feel, which is why we offer dental sedation to ensure that you have a comfortable and relaxing visit with us.

What is dental sedation?

Dental sedation relies on the use of medication to enable patients to relax during dental treatment. There are different levels of sedation that may be used depending on your needs.

Sedation Levels:

Minimal sedation – you will be relaxed and completely awake.

Moderate sedation – you may forget certain parts of the treatment and your words may be slurred.

Deep sedation – you will be on the border of consciousness but you can still be prompted to be awoken.

Available dental sedation

We offer inhaled minimal sedation. With this type of sedation, you will breathe in nitrous oxide and oxygen through a mask that is placed over your nose. The amount of sedation you receive is easily controlled by your dentist. This allows you to be relaxed throughout the entire dental procedure. The effects of this type of sedation will wear off quickly once the mask is removed. For most patients, they are able to drive themselves home shortly after the procedure.

Another sedation option that we offer is oral sedation. This type of sedation can be minimal or moderate in nature, depending on the dosage of the pill that is taken. The pill is usually taken an hour prior to your dental procedure so that it has enough time to take effect. While you will be drowsy, you will still be conscious and awake. Patients with extreme anxiety may be given a larger dose which results in moderate sedation. With moderate sedation, patients may feel groggy and some may fall asleep during dental treatment. They can usually still be awakened with a gentle nudge.

Do I need dental sedation?

Sedation can provide a relaxing experience for people who:


Dental sedation may also be recommended for children if they are scared of the dental office or if they cannot easily cooperate during their dental visit. 

  • have a hard time staying still in the dental chair

  • experience extreme tooth sensitivity and have a very low threshold for pain

  • have an extremely sensitive gag reflex

  •  require a comprehensive amount of dental treatment

Don’t neglect your dental health

At the dental clinic, we understand how you may feel about getting dental treatment or going to the dental office. We have helped many of our patients to get the dental care they need with our dental sedation options and our expertly trained staff. Whether you need comprehensive treatment or you are coming in for your routine dental hygiene appointment, our relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff and sedation options will ensure that your visit is a pleasant one.

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