What is an Intraoral Camera?

An intraoral camera is used by dental professionals to take close-up images of the teeth, gums and other areas inside the mouth.

Why is it needed?

Unlike most cameras that take photos of a wider area, an intraoral camera focuses on taking photos of a specific area only. They are designed to be used in the mouth and can be properly sterilized to meet infection control protocols.

They allow your dental professional to take a detailed photo of the tooth’s morphology, areas of decay, the condition of dental fillings and more. These cameras also include lights to properly illuminate all areas of the mouth for a better diagnostic image.

Benefits of intraoral cameras

With the close-up images taken by the intraoral camera, it is easier for patients to see and understand why certain treatment is needed. Your dentist can easily show an area of dental decay that is located on a tooth that is in the back of your mouth with an intraoral photo.

the dental clinic has secondary monitors that are used to display dental x-rays and intraoral photos ofimportant areas in your mouth. Many patients are better able to understand and see changes in their oral health with these visuals.

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